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Most people don’t realize that not every river has to flow south. The misconception shoots from the fact that all rivers are thought to flow toward the equator. The concept makes sense if you are in the northern hemisphere. The truth of the matter is that everything on the earth moves downward because of gravity and that’s the most logical explanation you can find. The river will always take a path where it faces the least amount of resistance to get to its destination, downhill. Depending on the location of the river, the path downhill can be in any direction and not necessarily the ‘South’ of the world.

There are several examples of rivers that flow toward the north. One of the most famous rivers known to flow toward the north is the Nile or even Russia’s Ob, Lena, and the Yenisey Rivers. In the united states and Canada, the Red River and St. Johns River flow North as well.

The Nile

For the sake of popularity, if you look at the flow pattern of the Nile, the river flows through 11 countries in Northeastern Africa. There are two tributaries as well for the Nile called the White and Blue Niles. Both the branches meet at Sudan and then flow in the North direction toward Egypt and meet its destination at the Mediterranean Sea. During ancient times, the Nile was a chief river that provided for all the people and life forms that lived along its banks. Egypt was called a country that was gifted by the Nile because Egypt grew in its civilization because of the bounty that the Nile provided. The fertile farmland that has been possible because of the Nile provided both conservative and commercial value to the country. The Nile was also used for migration and trade.

Lena River

Russia’s river Lena is not the only mighty river in the country. The Lena along with the Ov and the Amur has been beneficial in the growth and prosperity of Russia. The river Lena stretches into Siberia and goes up to the Arctic Sea. The Lena got its name from the name after Lenin – the revolutionary leader in Russia. The floodplain of the river is very harsh because of fo its flow through some of the coldest places on earth. Snow Forests and the tundra are found on the floodplains. The fertile and lush nature of the banks provides a home for hundreds of migratory bird species to arrive. Even fish such as the salmon and sturgeon find solace in this river.

St Johns River

The longest river in Florida is the St.Johns. It stretches from St.Johns Marsh and goes into the Atlantic Ocean. The river does not lose elevation on its path and is therefore known for the peace and calm nature of its flow. This river feeds the second largest lake in Florida. The Paleo-Indians lived along this river during ancient times. After them, the Timucua and Seminole tribes benefitted from the river. The French and Spanish came next and set up mission camps near the banks of the river and thus giving the mission the name St.John of the Harbour.