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Each March live pictures are beamed around the world of the annual boat race that is held on the River Thames in London between Oxford University and Cambridge University. The race starts at Putney and heads up stream to Mortlake covering 4.2 unpredictable miles.

The boat race with packed river banks

Over 270,000 spectators watch the race from the side of the river. Although the course of the river is upstream, the start of the race coincides with the tide running upstream, enabling the crews to find the fastest currents.

The river is associated with many sports and this race is one of the most famous in the world. The Thames is in fact famed for its association with rowing and every July the Henley Regatta produces a series of contests between the best rowing crews in the world.

Rivers are adapted for many different boat type races. Canoes, sailing boats and even rafts are adapted for the sports that best suit each craft. Some of the activities are not contests but just to get down a certain stretch of water is seen as a major achievement.

White water rafting is a good example of just completing a course. An inflatable raft is used to navigate the roughest body of water, with white water referring to the color of the water during its roughest faces.

It is also within these conditions that many slalom events for canoeists are held. The course is set so that the canoeist will have to navigate their way back and forth through the fastest travelling currents. The result is that only the best trained canoeists are able to successfully complete the course at a fast pace.

Very few rivers are the same in their formation so the recreational activities on offer will vary from river to river. The Amazon is a massive river and can offer certain activities that no other rivers can. The river is home to many big game fish so there are many fishing excursions organized for the capture of big game fish.

Big game fishing on the River Amazon

Certain rivers may not be able to compete with the Amazon in terms of size, yet they hold their own in terms of beauty. The River Seine runs through the center of Paris and is famed for its beauty. Many people have taken advantage of this with the location of restaurants up and down the river.

The restaurants do not necessarily have to sell fish, but for diners to be able to enjoy their food with the sight of Paris in the background means that these tables are always full. Many of these customers are tourists and when they visit a new city one of the first places they head for is the river.

Organized boat trips for tourists has a couple of huge advantages. Firstly, it is the fastest way to get to certain tourist sites avoiding traffic jams and secondly, many of a city’s most popular sights are situated on the banks of its major river.

The River Thames has many tourist cruises up and down it as a result of attractions such as the Houses of Parliament, and the London Docklands are all located along it. A trip on a river can sometimes be like a journey through history. There are many entertainment activities that are held along a river.