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The Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

Rivers are one of the most unpredictable forces of nature. They bring life and provide a way to travel for people located on riverbanks. But at the same time, rivers that have given life and wealth can take them away in a moment. Whether it happens due to massive floods, ditches, or wild, untamed animals, you can never be sure of your safety. However, some of them are even more danger. What are these rivers?

The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia. It stretches for nearly 6,440 kilometers across China and provides a livelihood for thousands of people around it. The river is home to many wildlife ranging from Chinese alligators, guinea pigs to rowing sturgeons. This river is also one of the largest suppliers of hydropower. However, in recent years, the river has been polluted with various chemical pollutants due to devastating human influence and endless industrialization projects, and its banks have begun to become dangerously muddy.

The Orinoco River

This river is one of the main rivers in South America. It flows through Colombia and Venezuela, and its coasts are enchanted by dense rainforests. This river has almost 200 tributaries and several dangerous waterfalls, which make it almost impossible to travel on the Orinoco River safely. Another threat to those who live near this river is the abundant floods that occur every year and take away the homes of many people.

The Yenisei River

The Yenisei stretches through Mongolia and China and is one of the largest rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean. Although this river appears calm and peaceful, it is dangerous due to high pollution and radiation level. According to water researchers, the river was polluted year after year by a factory supplying plutonium for bomb production. Medical studies have shown that people who live on the banks of this river have a higher risk of developing leukemia, and women are significantly more likely to develop breast cancer, as well as a higher risk of genetic changes in their populations. The Yenisei River can be seen as another proof that humans are their greatest enemies.

The Congo River

The Congo River in Africa is the deepest river in the world. This powerful river is related with different mystical stories and terrifying African legends. The river was once called the Heart of Darkness by the Polish and British novelist Joseph Conrad. At that time, there was talk about dangerous pygmy tribes living on the banks of the river, ruthless epidemics, and bloodthirsty cannibals. However, this is not the only one terrifying nickname of the Congo River. There is a canyon about 120 km long in this river that is called the Gates of Hell. Even the most experienced swimmers fail to overcome this canyon.

The Paraná River

The Paraná River is a huge body of water that stretches for nearly 4,900 kilometers throughout South America. It is the only river in the South American region that surpasses even the Amazon in its length. Why is this river considered one of the most dangerous in the world? Its southern side is known for strong currents and uncontrolled floods. The flood begins to destroy the banks of the river, carrying with it all the buildings that occur along its path and separating huge populations of people from their homes.

The Paraná River
The Paraná River