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The best way to enjoy the unique and tranquil beauty of the most famous rivers in the world is to travel their length by river cruise. The river cruise is a delightful mode of travel and the perfect holiday for those people who like to stay on the move but also relax in style. Far from being restrictive, you’ll find holidaying on the river a wonderful exercise in freedom, a break from the everyday routine, and a journey with a surprise around every bend. One of the most attractive qualities of these vacations is that you can sample some of the most breathtaking countryside in the world alongside enjoying the sumptuous luxury that modern river travel can offer.

The Nile

The Nile

One of the most famous rivers on this planet, the Nile winds its way through the great continent of Africa. Reaching from Lake Victoria in central Africa all the way to the Mediterranean Sea located north of Egypt, it spans 11 countries and is cited by several sources to be the longest river on Earth. There are many different types of Nile cruise to choose from, including everything from the peak of modern water travel to a more traditional historic sailing boat. Whichever way you choose to go, you will be treated to impressive views of lush green vegetation offset by the arid desert alongside historical artefacts that beggar belief. And it’ll be hard to beat the spectacle of a blood-red sunset over the Nile’s sparkling waters. For magic, mystery and, of course, comfort, a Nile cruise is the way to go.

The Mississippi

A Mississippi river cruise can be a riot of good fun and good humour, whichever part of this famous waterway you choose to visit. It stretches through a mindboggling 10 US states and ends up in the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Louisiana. Some of the most exciting cruises take place at the river’s mouth, in the areas of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. You can absorb the old school glamour of these southern cities from a traditional riverboat, returning to land every day to sample the delicious food, party atmosphere and even the retro casino riverboats found moored about the place. You’re guaranteed to experience some of that famous Southern hospitality and enjoy the retro feel to this historic state.

The Danube

You may already be familiar with Strauss’ waltz, Blue Danube, but take this chance to get better acquainted with the real thing. Discover the romance and majesty of Central and Eastern Europe by travelling the length of this beautiful river. In such a historically and culturally rich part of the world, there will be new places to explore every day and plenty of photo opportunities. However, many cruises on offer provide you with such comfortable lodgings that you may well find yourself reluctant to leave! You can keep yourself happily entertained on board with a well stocked e-reader, a round or two of blackjack or any other classic game, but don’t miss out on all the wonders back on land too.

The Amazon

The Amazon

Certainly one of the most intriguing rivers on this list, the Amazon often represents a challenge to many people hailing from much less expansive countries. It’s approximately 4000 miles in length and stretches through three different South American countries: Brazil, Colombia and Peru. That’s a big river! Passing through the largest tropical rainforest on the planet, you’re likely to encounter a host of different exciting flora and fauna including 6-foot-long river otters, piranhas and river dolphins. It is well worth taking a break from the routine with a guided trip on a traditional Amazonian river boat from which you can get up close and personal with the environment.

The Rhine

Heading back to Europe, we find the Rhine which traverses the continent all the way from Switzerland to the North Sea above the Netherlands. This river is surrounded by romance, travelling through picturesque Switzerland, along the border between France and Germany and all the way into the expansive lands of tulips and windmills. Whether you choose to travel beneath the sunshine and blue skies of a European summer or cosy up beneath the stars during the chilly winter months, you’ll find this river will absolutely take your breath away. Explore fairytale castles and marvel at the lush green landscapes as you make your way up towards Scandinavia before your journey ends in one or other of the bigger Dutch cities.

You could choose to holiday on any one of these fabulous rivers, or work your way around each and every one of them! Whichever path you take, make sure to explore all options available so that you are guaranteed to have the river travel experience of your life. It’s guaranteed to be a vacation that you’ll never forget.